Clairre Wishart

Creator and Owner of Splatter Gallery & Art Studio West Wyalong, New South Wales Australia and now the new Wishart Gallery

                            Creative Sides of Splatter Gallery

Our family has always been creative. As children, we loved to doodle, draw and paint.  But with life getting in the way as it often does it took a few years before our creative side came to the fore again.  Then we opened Splatter Gallery….

Our gallery and art studio is a haven for artists of all mediums in our small country town. It’s a place where creativity is celebrated and people can come to express themselves. We are passionate about giving people the opportunity to pursue their passions, and firmly believe that art is for everyone in a variety of mediums. Through Splatter Gallery, we hope to inspire others to find their own creativity and follow their dreams.

Splatter Gallery and Art Studio is a small but established art gallery with connections to amazing local artists and enthusiastic art buyers. Wishart Gallery is a sister to Splatter, and we hope to continue with our own line of artworks in collaboration with Splatter Art studio.

By achieving what we have today, we have made it our aim to become the place for local artists to come forward and make an impact with the stroke of a brush and present unique art that will impact others’ lives and inspire them.