Cancelled due to lack of Interest! Encaustic Beeswax Collage art workshop by Mo Godbeer

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Collage and Encaustic Alchemy

So, we are bringing back our very popular encaustic Beeswax workshop run by Mo and Mark Godbeer. Be sure to book in as soon as possible as we only have 1o out of 12 spots available, two already gone before this even goes to type! A fabulous weekend of fun, beeswax and collage. Mo shows you every step of the way and no piece of art is the same…

Date: 21st and 22nd October 2023

Time: 09:30 to 16:00 with lunchbreak

Cost: $250 which includes all materials for both days (take note of info below)

Collage is the perfect medium to help you unleash your creative potential. You can gather materials from just about anywhere, glue them down on a surface and magically create a work of art. There are no mistakes, only discoveries. What could be more exciting?

When you add encaustic medium to this little mix you create a perfect partnership. It becomes the glue to hold things together and to work on top of, to embed upon, to scratch and texture onto and more. Using the two together allows you so many ways to achieve stunning collage results.

We will explore working with collage both on board and on paper. There will be paper rusting, dyeing, bleaching, natural fiber’s & 3d elements, embedding, working with a wax stylus, mono printing and image transfer techniques. You will learn how to use collage to create a story or a feeling within your work. Mo will show you ways and means to find inexpensive but beautiful collage materials. You can then incorporate these pieces into your encaustic collage. 

Mo will help you achieve composition and colour using her encaustic collage techniques.  There will be lots of beautiful papers, vintage imagery and handmade papers to share. Mo will show you how to create a simple way to use your papers to create a handmade book or journal.

Combine words and images to capture a mood or tell a story in your collage. Incorporate buttons, old photos, and other found objects in your art.

Explore the magical appeal of collaging with beeswax

Layer patterns and images in your collages with amazing transfer techniques

What To Bring to The Encaustic Workshop

Mo provides everything for the workshop that you will need. She will bring a lot of things to play with, collage materials, tools, paints so all you really need to bring is a creative spirit! If you would like to bring some items to work with, I can advise you if this will work with the wax.  You may wish to incorporate some personal mementos or symbols. So, Mo has created a list here of optional things to bring if they interest you personally.

Things You May Like to Bring

Images printed with a laser printer or photocopier (ink jet does not work) for image transfer, needs to be high contrast images

Dried plant matter e.g., pressed flowers, dried leaves

Old books that you feel okay about using text from

Old Maps and newspapers, menus, notes, doodles

Lace, old doilies, old scarves, thinner fabrics such as silk, organza etc. (Organic fibres work best, the more porous the better. )

Simply stitched fabric

Coloured threads

Needle and thread

Beads, buttons things to embed in your work



Wood, needs to be dry


Butterfly wings

Old letters

Any sort of thick or thin collage papers you would like to use…. non glossy papers work best

Old paper artwork

Paper doilies

Old music sheets, dress patterns, tickets for concerts etc

Patterned wrapping paper, those lovely thin patterned tissue papers are great

Tea bag or Coffee papers, rusted papers

If you have any tools that you are bringing, please clearly mark these with your name so they don’t get lost in the general clean up.

Mo will supply oil paints and oil pastels and all paint materials but if you have some you would like to use, once again mark with your name.

This list is OPTIONAL! You can come empty-handed and you’ll be fine!