Rustic Tattered Lady Powertex Sculpture Workshop 29th and 30th June

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Rustic Tattered Lady Powertex Sculpture Workshop – $195, June 29-30

Join us for our second exceptional artistic workshop where you’ll use Powertex to craft a stunning Tattered Lady sculpture. Using materials like cardboard, fabric, and lace, you’ll transform them into a beautiful figure with the versatile Powertex medium and finish it with our vibrant powder colors. All materials included. This unique piece can be displayed proudly in your home or garden. Enjoy this engaging workshop as I guide you step-by-step through the creation of your Rustic Tattered Lady! In this interactive workshop, you’ll discover innovative techniques to create and personalize these beautiful figures. Whether you’re an experienced artist or a novice, I’ll support you through the process, ensuring your artwork is both stunning and suitable for decorating your home or garden.

What You Will Learn:

  • How easy it is to create beautiful sculptural form with Powertex Art Supplies • The art of layers and the difference it makes to your finished artwork, and how to drape fabrics and fibers in beautiful layers… • Powertex Ultimate Medium, what it is and how to you use it, and the Tips and tricks for working with Powertex • How to embellish your artwork with colour to give it a professional finish • Being creative with others in a stimulating environment set up for art and fun.
Delve into the art of texture, layering, and sculpting as you craft your beautiful lady. Feel free to bring personal lace or trinkets to incorporate into your figurine. Workshop Details:
  • Date & Time: Saturday, June 29, 9am-4:30pm (creation) / Sunday, June 30, 10am-3/4pm (painting and finishing)
  • Cost: $195 (includes tuition and all materials, normally $250)
  • Limited Spots: Only 6-8 participants, so book quickly!
Don’t think you can make this beautiful sculpture? Guess what… you CAN! This is a great workshop for beginners, so if you long to create but don’t think you’re good enough… you will discover that you are! Amaze yourself with what you create… Be inspired, don’t miss out on a great weekend, bring along a friend or two and come create and have fun! Credit goes to Ashley Hay from Powertex Australia for creating this course, helping me as my mentor and providing us with our medium.